Friday, March 16, 2007

My baby

I've been learning a bit more photoshop using the brushes tutorial book fro Scrap Girls and this is my first layout using blending modes and layer masks. The photo is of my son drifting off to sleep with his froggie from a few months ago.


Artsy22 said...

What a sweet picture. Shalae has done a great job with that brushes eBook. Hope you're learning tons. Thanks for coming by Scrap Girls!

Shalae said...

So I had to check it out! You've done a great job! Great job using the techniques! I really like the striped in contrast with the circles. Just wait :) it gets even more exciting when you learn all you can do with them! Your sons a cutie! Aren't they just so fun, I'm enjoying my 4 month old now too! Hope we can see some more on here

thelinds said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. Somehow I didn't really expect to get anyone looking on here - was more just doing it for the fun of doing it if you know what I mean.